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Speech Therapy Resources for Parents of Toddlers

Top 5 Speech Therapy Resources for Parents of Toddlers

As professionals in the speech-language pathology field, we know how vital quality information about your child’s development is, so we compiled a list of our Top 5 Speech Therapy Resources for parents to reference. Whether you are new to speech-language therapy with your child or looking for more information about speech therapy and childhood development as a whole, these tools are valuable sources of information.


Pathways is a valuable web-based resource that has compiled various tools to maximize child development, including excellent milestone information, games and videos by occupational, physical, and speech therapists, and fun activities to do at home. Their goal is to help parents better understand their child’s development and catch potential delays. They have been a trusted resource in the pediatric healthcare community for decades and continue to provide excellent tools and resources. 

Teach me to Talk

Teach me to Talk is a fantastic resource for parents of children ages birth-3 years that helps parents and toddlers understand and use language. This website, by Speech-Language Pathologist Laura Mize, and its resources are used internationally. Parents can take advantage of training materials, blog posts, videos, articles, and more in one place. It’s a great tool to further your understanding of early language development. 

Speech & Language at Home 

With free downloadable monthly calendars with daily language activities, parent handouts, books, and games, the Speech & Language at Home website is an ideal tool for parents. In addition to speech and language therapy with your SLP, adding daily activities to your family’s routine can help your child’s communication skills grow.

Walkie Talkie Speech Therapy Youtube Channel

If you are looking for a more visual resource, the short videos on the Walkie Talkie Speech Therapy Inc. Youtube Channel provide great ideas for building speech-language skills at home. Led by Speech Language Pathologist Kayla Chalko, this channel offers weekly tips and tricks to try with your toddler as they progress through the stages of communication development.

Your Speech Language Pathologist

Keeping open communication with your speech-language pathologist and utilizing them as a resource is crucial for you and your family. With Discover Speech Therapy, our experienced pediatric speech pathologists offer unique and individualized information for your child’s particular needs. Don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information on how our SLPs can help your child. 

With these knowledgeable resources, you can learn more about speech and language to help your child become a better communicator. Whether your child is experiencing a delay in speech or you want to make sure they are progressing toward milestones as expected, these resources can help. Contact Discover Speech Therapy to speak with a professional speech-language pathologist for more specific information.  

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